Pet Safety

Kritter Klock, Inc. promotes responsible pet ownership and pet safety.  Perfect pet owners would never leave their pets outside unattended.  For those “pursuing pet owner purfection”, please obey all local laws, bi-laws and regulations when letting your pet(s) outside and use Kritter Klock™.

In most municipalities dogs must be contained in a fenced area and cats must be tethered.  Also, it is important to ensure that dogs and cats have appropriate ID tags on their collars so they can be traced to their owners if they are lost.  Registering your pet with a reputable pet identification/recovery service will greatly increase the chance of having your pet returned safely to you if they wander off.  Be especially careful about the safety of your pet when letting it out in extreme cold or hot weather; provide food and/or shelter as necessary. Finally, please have your pet(s) spayed or neutered!

In order for Kritter Klock™ to be an effective pet timer, the whole family must use it properly.  When listening to loud music or headphones Kritter Klock™ can be kept close by when the pet is outside, so if the beeping goes unnoticed, it will still act as a visual reminder that the pet needs to be let in.

WARNING:  Kritter Klock™ is a pet timer specifically designed with pet safety in mind.  It is NOT a toy; please never allow pets or infants to play with or chew on the product.