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Product Description

Kritter Klock™ is a pet timer consisting of a door hanger made of durable plastic, with an easy to use countdown timer at the bottom which uses one AAA battery (included).

Simply set the pet timer before letting your cat or dog out (please respect your local laws and by-laws) and it will beep to remind you to let your pet back in – helping you to keep your pet safe. Flip Kritter Klock™ back and forth (“Kritter is Outside” or “Kritter is Inside”) on any standard door knob, door handle and most patio door latches to help you monitor whether your pet is in or out. You can also take Kritter Klock™ with you to any room in the house when using the computer, listening to music, watching TV or playing video games. Kritter Klock™ will help keep your pet safe by reminding you not to forget about your pet!

With the countdown and countup timer options, Kritter Klock™ can also be used to time or monitor various aspects of your pet’s routines such as duration between meals, feeding times, time spent outside, etc.

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