Timer operation:  Remove the tab from the battery casing to activate pet timer. Set time by depressing the minute [M] or second [S] buttons until desired time appears, up to a maximum of 99 minutes and 59 seconds.  Press the start/stop [ST/SP] button to commence countdown.  Timer will beep when countdown reaches 0, and will continue to beep for one minute only – so please be aware and keep your pet safe! Press any of the buttons again to stop beeping. Reset the timer at anytime by depressing the [M] and [S] buttons simultaneously.  Pressing the [ST/SP] when timer is beeping will automatically reset timer to previous countdown time. Pressing [ST/SP] while counter is at 0 will commence count-up timer function; it will count-up from 0 to a maximum of 99 minutes and 59 seconds without beeping.  This function may be used to time various aspects of your pet’s routine (time outside on nice days, time spent eating, etc.).

Changing the battery:  Replace the battery if beeping becomes faint or numbers start to fade.  To change the battery, remove it by sliding off the casing at the back of the pet timer in the direction indicated by the arrow. Use a new 1.5 Volt, AAA battery.  Please keep these instructions for future reference. Kritter Klock, Inc. cannot be responsible for battery malfunction or owner negligence.  Ultimately, all pet owners are responsible for their pet’s safety!

Kritter Klock™ is a pet timer that should last the lifetime of your critter(s).  If however, you need to dispose of it, please recycle the plastic and electronic parts separately.